Top Tracks: “Sometimes” by Nacho Sotomayor.

Title: Sometimes

Artist: Nacho Sotomayor1340281910_2

Released: 2000

Album(s): La Roca Vol.2, Nirvana Lounge Vol. 1.

It was the year 2000, and the project of Spanish musician Nacho Sotomayor called, ‘La Roca’ (which translates to English as ‘The Rock’), saw its second volume released. Among the outstanding songs present, it could easily be said that ‘Sometimes’, is one of the stellar tracks of this edition (yet, not the only one!).

A delicate and sublime piece whose writing and production were fully in charge of Mr. Sotomayor, was then also selected as one of the tracks to be featured in the first ever volume of the Nirvana Lounge series, compiled by Claude Challe and Ravin.

It hard not to be taken into another world as you listen… the soulful vocals , the sweet ‘erhu’ instrument and  just flawless arrangements throughout…  it is not easy to describe the beauty of this piece. However -taking a shot at it-, one can say that it is utterly beautiful, touching and nothing short of inspiring. An unmissable listen for sure.

Listen for yourself, and enjoy!


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