Free Download: “A Stutter” by Olafur Arnalds Feat. Arnor Dan (Aytac Kart edit).

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Aytac Kart brings us a great edit of the track “A Stutter”, a collaboration between Olafur Arnalds Feat. the vocals of “Agent Fresco’s lead singer Arnor Dan, available also as a free download!



The sun is old on water
Yearling flakes keep whirling by
Carry me awry

Collapsing breaths discover
Turning hope, new-boarded highs
Receding howls dew the skies

Closing eyes recover
Amber light in wintry bed
Can you pull me under the cold, charred sea?

Whispered words of summer
Fallen ode, a bawling bless,
Serenades the water and carries me anew.

In softest air, a stutter
Steers the heart away from the bane,
Leaves the lasting sorrow and carries me anew.



Click on the soundcloud link to be redirected to the Free Download button and follow the download instructions.


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