Top Tracks: “Homage to Mr. V” by Ravin, Carlos Campos & David Visan.

Title: ‘Homage to Mr. V’300113_104559_buddhabar copy

Artist: Ravin, Carlos Campos and David Visan.

Released: 2011.

Album(s): Buddha Bar XIII – Mystic Quest (Disc 1)

The already famous Buddha Bar compilations had its lucky thirteenth edition released on 2011, this time in charge of Ravin and David Visan. This edition marked the second time they joined forces to create a volume of Buddha Bar, being the VII edition their first collaboration for this series.

Furthermore, their collaboration came under a special significance for this edition,  as they also joined forces with Carlos Campos (resident DJ of Barrio Latino) to create this track, composed especially as an Homage to Mr. Raymond Visan (‘Mr. V’), the visionary man behind the creation of Buddha Bar, who passed away on 2010. In fact, this release as a whole is dedicated to him as well.

This track makes the opening of the first disc, titled “Mystic Quest”, composed by Ravin, David Visan and Carlos Campos, and also with the collaboration of Riccardo Eberspacher. Featuring a delicate mix of piano, vocals and violin among its exquisite composition, the spoken words featured are in fact, the voice of Mr. Raymond Visan himself, talking in an interview given to Laurent Le Page for Infosbar on November 2006.

 You can find the audio extracts of the original interview in French right HERE.

Enjoy this sublime piece of music!:


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