Upcoming Album Release: “The Fourth Light” by Niyaz.


Niyaz fans, rejoice! A new album has been officially announced for release on late March 2015, under the name “The Fourth Light”.

As Niyaz’s work is based on writing original work based in Sufi poets along with traditional folk pieces, on this occasion their release signifies a tribute to ‘Rabia Al Basri’ (Rabia Al Adawiyya), the first female Sufi mystic and poet, born in Iraq on the 8th century.

In a post-Carmen Rizzo era, the two-time Grammy nominee who stayed as member of Niyaz for the first three albums, now the mixing and co-production of the album will be in charge of -also- Grammy-nominee Damian Taylor, known for his work with Bjork, The Killers, Frou Frou among others, taking on the mission of blending the electronic and acoustic elements that characterize the Niyaz sound.

Funding for this upcoming album will be available through Pledge Music in late January 2015, and will offer a variety of crowd-sourcing options for different budget ranges. Supporters will get access to the album at least two weeks before the official release date.

Then a tour is projected with concerts in the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle-East and perhaps South America.

 January 2015 Update!:

The `Pledge Music` campaign for Niyaz’s “The Fourth Light” has started! Explore through the variety of pledging options and keep up to the developments of this anticipated new album at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/niyaz



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