Top Tracks: “Ceiron” by Mahmut Orhan (Christos Fourkis Remix).

Mahmut Orhan


Track: ‘Ceiron’

Artist(s): Mahmut Orhan + Christos Fourkis (remixer).

Album(s): Ceiron (Single), Rooftop House Sessions, Ibiza Summer Awards 2013, Brazil House Party, Little Buddha Vol.5 (Dakar).

Released: 2012


Turkish DJ and Producer Mahmut Orhan began DJ’ing at the young age of 16. Staring to leave his mark on the music scene, by 2012 some of his works were featured in the sets of famous DJ’s of the likes of Matt Darey and Markus Schultz.

This same year, Orhan released this fantastic progressive house track titled “Ceiron”, who soon after was remixed and brought to a whole different level under the skill of the talented Greek DJ and Producer, Christos Fourkis, who -by the way- also happens to have started DJ’ing at age 16.

Christos Fourkis rocking the decks.


The huge-hit resultant out of their combined talents birthed a stunning track that was then featured in (at least) four compilations, including the 5th volume of the Little Buddha Clubbing Collection, compiled and mixed by the outstanding Resident DJ of Buddha Bar Dubai, Dimi.El.

Enjoy people!


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