Top Tracks: “Lament No.2” – Dale Cornelius (Thor Tibetan Bell Edit).

Tibet: Murder in the Snow movie poster
Song: ‘Lament No.2 (Thor Tibetan Bell Edit)’

Artist: Dale Cornelius / Thor

Album(s): Tibet: Murder in the Snow (Original Soundtrack), Buddha Bar XV.

Released: 2009


Tibet: Murder in the Snow‘ a factual film about the risks taken by Tibetans while attempting to cross the Himalaya Mountains, narrates as well the tragic death of ‘Kelsang Namtso’ , a teenange Tibetan nun shot by the Chinese border patrol while trying to cross Nangpa Pass.

Such emotionally-charged topic would need an equally compelling score to go with it, and highly acclaimed Australian composer Dale Cornelius was the man commissioned for the task.

Thor’s 2013 edit of this piece, a captivating and enchanting mix featured in the XV edition of Buddha Bar, has an equally emotionally-charged quality. Still, the arrangements and impeccable edit manages to emphasize the beauty and depth of this piece, with an added ‘sublimeness’ to it. Simply gorgeous.


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