Album Review: ‘Buddha Bar Hotel Paris’ by DJ Ravin.

bbhpThere are few more things that could possibly be added to a city like Paris, to contribute to its magnificence. Yet, 2013 saw the inclusion of the latest Hotel member of the Buddha Bar family of luxury stays. Sure enough, a brand worldwide renowned by its outstanding music, would eventually come up with an album especially dedicated to the site based in the city of lights.

As such, the first ever compilation of Buddha Bar Hotel Paris was released in November 2014. Compiled by (surprise surprise…) DJ Ravin, this release is comprised by a 15-track set, that similar to the double-disc installments of the yearly Buddha Bar CD’s, it encompasses a blend of exquisite music, ranging from world-infused chillout, jazz, electronica, world music, house and so forth; as well as featuring artists known from previous Buddha Bar releases, such as Amanaska, Mashti, Mahmut Orhan, and several new ones such as Red Axes, Paji, Snakadakta, Rampue and more.

Amanaska marks the beginning of this 1:18min-long album, contributing with what is perhaps one of the most gorgeous Amanaska tracks ever. A true-musical gem of South Asian influence, ‘Gandhara’ makes a stunningly beautiful and engaging beginning, then moving onto the downtempo beats of Mashti & Jean Von Baded in “Hold You Back”, featuring Maria’s seductive vocals along with Fuat Talay’s souful Saz. Saxophone shines in a magnificent cover by Akshin Alizadeh of the classic “Woman of the Ghetto” by Marlena Shaw, then followed by oriental and rather mystical vibes of the outstanding “Matham Dub” by Thor, who delivers another stunning creation well worth its inclusion in this volume.

buddha-bar-hotel-paris-logoAs the album progresses the set starts to effortlessly turn more upbeat. The sophisticated deep-house sound of ‘Leoporidade’ by Rampue is another stellar addition. The climax arrives with a killer collaboration between Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons with a lively “Qawwali-House” track under the name ‘Lover’s Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)’… simply A-MA-ZING! Just over seven minutes that grab the listener’s ears in an energetic blend of amazing vocals and stunning beats; a massive highlight of this album.

Rising duo Boran Kibil & Mahmut Orhan provide a brilliant delivery with ‘Herneise’ (a track that ‘Ceiron’ fans will love for sure), which gets along well with ‘Children of Love’ by Paij to continue the more clubby-vibe that drives most of the late stages of the album. Yet… the end turns quickly into a Jazzy note, with Poncho Warwick’s quirky version of the classic “Tainted Love”, now turned into “Tainted Jazz” for the occasion, making a smoother closing for a brilliant album that is truly worth its price-tag.

An album full of excellent, greatly-mixed tracks, fans of Buddha Bar and its musical alikeness are in for a treat with this release, that I can hardly imagine disappointing anyone. Not a huge fan of rating albums, but this one is well worth a five-constellation mark.

Essential tracks: Gandhara, Matham Dub, Lover’s Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)… at least!

This album is available in iTunes, Amazon, and for stream via Spotify.


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