Top Tracks: “Breathing Light” by Nitin Sawhney.

1319123809_nitin-sawhney-prophesy-frontSong: ‘Breathing Light’

Artist: Nitin Sawhney

Album(s): Prophesy

Released: 2001

Nitin Sawhney’s fifth album “Prophesy”, was conceived and recorded in different locations around the world,  with the aim to seek different musical  and cultural perspectives. One of those countries was South Africa, on which Nitin Sawhney go to meet Nelson Mandela for an interview.

Nitin recalls that he asked Mr. Mandela if he felt free, on which the response was “we are free to be free”.

This encounter inspired the track “Breathing Light”, one of the most iconic tracks of this release, whose phrase “We are free to be free” featured in the early stages of the song, is the actual voice of the now late South African leader.

The following, are the original visuals produced by Marc Silver for Nitin Sawhney’s ‘Prophesy’ world tour.



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