Album Review: ‘Issaya Siamese Club Vol.2’ by Ravin.

rav_issaya2In a time when Hotel and Restaurant-inspired albums seem more popular than ever before, it’s no surprise that the prestigious Issaya Siamese Club decided to come up with a sequel to its first album in charge of DJ Ravin. This time, similar to the first volume, the second opus contains a supple mix of electronica beats that aim to capture the atmosphere and sophistication of the famed Thai restaurant based in Bangkok.

As an owner or both volumes, it’s interesting to notice the different musical approach between them. This second volume, simply titled “Issaya Siamese Club Vol.2” (released earlier this year) also features tracks that make up for a hip and sophisticated atmosphere. Still the most noticeable difference between both albums is that, unlike the first volume that pretty much stays downtempo throughout the full set, this second volume maintains a donwtempo beat in the early stages, then smoothly progressing upbeat.

The selection of the 13 tracks of this album is remarkable, featuring pieces by Ambray, Serafim Tsotsonis, N*Grandjean, Parov Stelar, Hess is More, Rosa Lux and so on. The sweet beat of ‘Who We Are’ make a smooth beginning of this album. Serafim Tsotsonis contributes with a somewhat-gloomy yet beautiful delivery in the track ‘Phantoms’, one of the highlights of this album. The smooth and embracing musical vibes continue with tracks such as ‘Island’ by N*Grandjean and ‘The Never Ending Happening’ by The Kenneth Bager Experience.

Parov Stelar with ‘Heaven’s Radio’ (whose vocals made me reach for the Cissaya2D case and make sure that –in fact- I was not listening to Adam Levine) display a great mix of piano and vocals that provide a different sound compared to its trademark electro-swing tunes. Pete Goodring bring a lovely and somewhat emotional house sound with ‘Gazing In Blue (Bambook Remix)’ which blends perfectly with the rest of the (mostly) house-driven set, composed of great tracks like ‘’Walking on Sunbeams (Original Mix)’ by Madday, and Bellanova’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’ which makes another highlight of this album. The ‘upbeat-ness’ goes on with great contributions by Djuma Sound System’s remix of ‘Monsters’ by Rosa Lux, Carnatt B’s ‘Callin U (Little D & Stamy Atmosphere Mix)’ and ‘Good Night My Love (Joachim Pastor Remix)’ by Worakls, which marks the end of this 73-minute long album.

Overall a great album, whose change of direction gave this second opus an extra dash of personality. One can bet that another sequel will eventually come.

Essential tracks: ‘Phantoms’ by Serafim Tsotsonis, ‘Gazing in blue (Bambook Remix)’ by Pete Gooding, ‘Stairway to Heaven (Daniele Petronelli Vocal Mix)’ by Bellanova.


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