Year in review: Amazing tracks from 2014.

131230-rob-harvilla-best-albums-yeezusI don’t know about you… but personally I found this to be a pretty interesting year for music (or at least the musical genres followed in this blog).

Twelve months of following and tuning into some amazing album releases, soundcloud streams, spotify albums and else… proved to be a very rewarding activity; some of it shared here (in deeper detail) and many more through the facebook page (you can follow Blissful Beats in FB for the latest news, much more music and also free downloads!).

And so, what a better way to wrap this year, with a playlist remembering some of the most beautiful sounds released during the course of 2014. Sure, there’s so many more music and not everything’s on Spotify, but fortunately many of the brightest musical gems remain available through this platform, to be part of the “Amazing Tracks fo 2014” playlist.

Thank you for tuning-in, and hope to see you around next year as well. May our upcoming year 2015 be filled with much happiness, success and especially… marvelous music!

I hope you’ll enjoy this selection of blissful beats. Happy New Year! :-D


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