Upcoming Album Release: Buddha Bar Beach Mykonos!


Another year has come, the sun as gotten warmer and yet another summer has arrived, however not without the good news of an upcoming release of a second edition of the series “Buddha Bar Beach”, which now sets its sight to grace the shores of the worldwide famous Greek island of Mykonos for this year, on what has also become the very first Buddha Bar Beach ever restaurant, graced by the beats of former Buddha Bar Dubai resident DJ, Dimi.El  and set at the idyllic Santa Marina Resort at the Ornos bay.


Just like the first Buddha Bar Beach album (Ibiza), this will also come in association with Radio FG, and will count with both DJ Ravin and Camilo Franco for the selection and production of this Greek-inspired opus, which promises a top-selection of tracks which include music by Oliver Heldens, MHE, Nick & Samantha, Steen Thottrup, Data, and many more.

Buddha Bar Beach Mykonos is set to be released on the 10th of July, 2015. Stay tuned for the review!


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