A journey to stillness and back: “In Deep Meditation” by Florzinho.

In Deep Meditation with Florzinho. "Ohhmmm...."

‘In Deep Meditation’ by Florzinho. “Ohhmmm….”


“If every 8-year old in the world would be taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation”

– The Dalai Lama

A new arrival from Florzinho has finally made its way into the digital stores, which comes in the form of a very special release, musically drifting from the style of his previous albums by entering the territories of ambient music, as this work now is focused on long beatless-tracks suited for meditation and wellness, all arranged with an harmonious instrumentation that effortlessly induce a state of stillness and relaxation as listening goes by. Furthermore, this album holds a special significance, as this release is aimed at a practice that is closely linked to an increase in consciousness and inner peace, things that in the current world climate are perhaps more needed than ever.

“In Deep Meditation” comes as a 12-track release, which lengthwise makes a pretty generous album; spanning a whopping 5 hours and 41 minutes of blissful ambient music whose harmonious beats involve far more than it seems, as these tracks were produced to be attuned to the different chakras (referring to the energy centers of the body in yoga and meditation), and using specific musical scales in order to provide an optimum meditative practice.

The effects of tranquility are felt right from the beginning when listening to these tracks. ‘Gateway to Infinity’ opens this album with a sound that immediately induces a sense of calmness, while also featuring the vocals of the well-known track “Ohm Chi” 20 minutes into this track. Exploring the rest of the album provides the same feel of tranquility and stillness, each piece on its own style. ‘Sacred Energy Meditation’ and ‘Wheel of Karma’ make excellent pieces for an introduction to meditation.

As the album goes on with tracks such as ‘Oneness Meditation’, Heart Energy, ‘Samadhi’ and ‘Higher Being’ it is noticeable the gradual increase of pitch along the way, before wrapping up with ‘Alpha Centauri’ that makes a great soundtrack for an arrival at the heart of Nirvana.

Overall this release offers a solid series of ambient tracks and contributes to the offer of quality music for meditation, yoga, and related areas. After listening to these tracks you’ll know that the right soundtrack for your wellness practice has just found you.

“In Deep Meditation” is available in Google PlayAmazon and other outlets.


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