‘Dystopian Dream’ approaches reality: Nitin Sawhney’s new album set to be released on November 6.

Nitin-Sawhney-2013-36-x-24-IN-91.5-x-61-CM-oil-on-canvas-Private-Collection-web-CleanedNitin Sawhney fans, the wait is over. There is (finally) a set date for the release of the long-awaited latest work by the London-based producer, as it is announced that “Dystopian Dream” is set to be released in November 6th this year through the record label Positiv-ID.

After an acclaimed gig at the Royal Albert Hall back in September 2014, which also made the role of a teaser of the work to come under the name “Dystopian Dream”, it was clear that this work is -yet again- something to look forward to. It also anticipated an upcoming release with a shift to a gloomier vibe, as this work as been defined by Sawhney as “much darker” than any of his previous releases, based in both events of political turmoil and personal losses.

In anticipation to this November release, there is an available stream of “When I’m Gone”, a powerful track featuring Stealth’s vocals, that along with Sawhney’s signature guitar and a brilliant arrangements, all come together for a powerful track of a strong rock/blues vibe. As usual, Mr. Sawhney  manages to keep its signature musical essence while experimenting with different musical styles, and birthing great music in the process.

A tour is also planed, so far only UK dates have been announced, however there will surely be more to come.


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