Listen to… “Sakar Melody” (Ravin and Thor Mix) by DJ Ravin.


Track: Sakar Melody (Feat. Theodosii Spassov).

Artist(s): DJ Ravin, Thor.

Album(s): Buddha Bar XVII (Disc 2).

Released: 2015

Buddha Bar Paris’s world-renowned  DJ Ravin, has been an international reference for world and lounge music (at least…) for many years now, spinning records and filling venues with magical sounds all over the globe.


Aside from the multiple musical influences that grace his compilations, this latest Buddha Bar installment came with a wonderful addition of the track “Sakar Melody”, a track of Ravin’s own production which makes nothing less than a true musical gem. Mixed alongside Thor (responsible for musical treasures such as “Nowruz”, “Matham Dub” and “Chamka”), this track also features the magnificent playing of Bulgaria’s Kaval-master, Theodosii Spassov.

This masterful collaboration brings about a stunning piece that makes one of the definitive highlight of this XVIIth edition of the Buddha Bar series.


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