Album Review: “Suite Montaigne” by Sambox.


When it comes to smooth lounge and easy listening, music fans can surely rely on the sultry beats of Sambox to be pleased. The top composer and producer from France, has proven throughout his own album releases and  multiple tracks featured in no less than 50 compilations of worldwide reach, that the genres of lounge and easy listening are territories he masters quite well.

Now, after the success of his 2014 release, ‘La Parisienne’, the French producer has returned this year with the release of his latest album titled “Suite Montaigne”, an 11-track delivery that just like his previous albums, gives a pleasing mix of smooth and sultry beats.

Listening throughout the nearly 56-minutes long of ‘Suite Montainge’ we find all along a good dash of sophistication and sensuality that are part of the signature Sambox sound since the initial beats of ‘Café Gourmet’, which promise from the early beginning a journey of smooth-flowing vibes, complete with an impeccable production throughout the full album. Moving on to further tracks like ‘My Love Is Here’ and ‘Don’t Turn Me’, we continue to come across the smooth-flowing downtempo beats characteristic of the full album, along with smooth female vocals to grace the music as well.

Further along the way, jazzy vibes make themselves present in tracks like ‘Manhattan Jazz’ and ‘A Soft Man’, which provides a listening-twist while remaining consistent with the dominant easy-listening vibe of the full album, which goes on until the beats of ‘Setting Sun’ to close this album, which all along gives the certainty that when it comes to look for enjoyable sophisticated beats for your listening pleasure, with Suite Montainge you just can’t go wrong.


Essential tracks: Café Gourmet, My Love Is Here, Manhattan Jazz.

“Suite Montaigne” is available in iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


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