Listen to ‘Mumbai Theme’ by A.R. Rahman.




Track: Mumbai Theme.

Artist: A.R. Rahman

Album(s): Bombay (soundrack), Cafe del Mar Vol.5,  Anokha – Soundz of the Asian Underground, Ambient Chillout Mix Vol. 1.

Released: 1995




There’s no shortness of great music coming from Indian superstar A.R. Rahman., the Grammy and Oscar-winning composer has produced a galore of stunning film music since its early years in the industry. Surely “Mumbai Theme” (also referred as  “Bombay Theme Tune”, “Bombay Theme Music” and “Mumbai Theme Tune” in some compilations) is one of those legendary creations that transcend beyond its original ‘soundtrack’ role, taking a life of its own.

This stunning orchestral piece, written as part of the movie soundtrack  of 1995’s Tamil film “Bombay”, earned far and wide praise internationally, further establishing A.R. Rahman, well-deservedly referred as the”Mozart of the Madras” as an international household name.

Grossing an estimated 12 million sales worldwide, and becoming the highest selling Indian album of all times, this is undoubtedly one of those epic compositions of timeless beauty that will remain as perhaps one of the most emblematic movie scores ever written.


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