Listen to “Butterfly” (DJ Disse remix) by Troels Hammer.



Track: “Butterfly” (DJ Disse remix).

Artist: Troels Hammer, DJ Disse.

Album: Trance/For/Mation.

Year: 2015




Troels Hammer has graced no less than several albums with his signature catchy pieces able to capture even the most distracted ear. And finally this year was the one on which the Danish pianist would finally come up with his very first solo album under the name Trance/For/Mation under the record label ‘Music for Dreams’.

Hammer as well built a signature sound in which the melancholic catchyness of his tunes merges marvelously well with the genres of electronica such as lounge, chillout and else, leaving a mark in both the Danish and international music scene. A great example of such is one of the tracks comprised in this release, titled “Butterfly”, remixed by DJ Disse, which makes a good case for electronica and piano getting along very, very well!





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