Album Review: ‘Buddha Bar XVIII’ by Ravin and Sam Popat.


It’s yet another spring time… and with it comes the release of the yearly Buddha Bar compilation, now reaching its 18th edition. For this opus, master-mixer DJ Ravin who’s been the main mastermind for most of the volumes of these compilations, on this edition returns to the production of this yearly opus in company of fellow Buddha Bar DJ Sam Popat, marking this first compilation produced in collaboration since the Buddha Bar XIII, back then made alongside David Visan.

For long-time followers, as well as for newbie listeners, this opus guarantees listening experience that stays true to the signature musical format of the Buddha compilations. Disc one being in charge of Ravin, which comprises a delicious mélange of chill-out and world music influences throughout, plenty of enjoyable clubby vibes courtesy of Sam Popat on disc 2, as well as  remixes exclusively created for this volume by Fabrice Dayan, Dreamers Inc. and Dole and Kom.

 “Chill with Ravin” is the first of this double-disc that begins this musical journey, a 15-track set that pays tribute to its title; providing a silky-smooth chill-out vibes with the early beats of Ambray’s ‘Azure’, and later on revisiting well-known names such as Afterlife, Mashti, Bombay Dub Orchestra and Troels Hammer, new names such as Dom La Nena, Second Sky and 55 Cancri é,  all providing a variety world influences and musical moods, as well as true gems such as ‘Un Amor’ by Thomas Blondet, and ‘Ya Mamma’ by Angel Tears.

“Party with Sam” is the second disc fully in charge of Mr. Popat. Author of the Buddha Bar VIII opus, the Parisian clubber provides a 15-track set with a solid upbeat vibe able to shake even the stiffest of spirits. This disc offers a solid proposal since early on with the joyous ‘Alladin’s Wish’ by Dreamer’s Inc. & Billy Esteban, and continued with brilliant tracks such as Niyaz’s remix of  ‘Tamana’ by Andre Rizo, and ‘La Maza (original mix)’ by Fabrice Dayan. Furthermore, this disc features Sam’s own original contribution in the the tracks ‘Puga Land’ and ‘Karma Kandara’, this last one co-produced with Shaman, overall making a great addition to this ethnic electro journey.

Essential tracks:

Disc 1: ‘Un Amor’ by Thomas Blondet, ‘Ya Mamma’ by Angel Tears, ‘Dragon Fly’ by Second Sky.

Disc 2: ‘Alladin’s Wish’ by Dreamers Inc. and Billy Esteban, ‘Karma Kandara’ by Shaman and Sam Popat, ‘La Maza (original mix)’ by Fabrice Dayan.


Buddha Bar XVIII by Ravin and Sam Popat is available in digital format on iTunes, Amazon, and CD available on Amazon, as well as major retailers.


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