Listen to “Bot Parast” by Cambis & Florzinho.





Track: Bot Parast

Artist(s): Cambis Shareg, Florzinho.

Album(s): Bot Parast (Single), Buddha Bar 20 Years, Obsession Lounge Vol.9.




Fans of the ever-inspiring Ethno Lounge sound have a new musical treat to rejoice to, the Persian-inspired track “Bot Parast”. Produced by the talented duo Cambis & Florzinho (the masterminds of the Uber-stunning track “Aman Aman“), in this delivery they state once again that Persian-inspired tracks is something they manage quite well.

This musical gem, with lyrics by Bahram Sharegh, sung by the soulful vocals of Massoud Elahian and Dubai-based top oud player Kamal Mussalam is nothing less of inspiring to listen to, and one that gives testament of Cambis& Florzinho’s oustanding musical chemistry. Furthermore, the single version features equally enjoyable remixes by Mr. Cambis himself, as well as Euphonic Traveller. An absolute delight.


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