Listen to ‘Poem of the Atoms’ by Salar Aghili + M.H.Project Remix.

The beauty of Buddha Bar albums is that no matter the number of years one has following their compilations, in almost every delivery there’s always something new, something fresh, something beautiful to listen to. With the latest release of “Buddha Bar: The Ultimate Experience”, coming in the aftermath of their recent 20-year landmark anniversary, this was no exception, and surely as many other listeners as  I, had the joy to discover new names and sounds not known before.

Amongst the many musical gems featured in this collection, one that stuck me the most was the sublime “Poem of the Atoms”, a track who’s lyrics are based in the poem of the same name by the famous Persian poet Rumi. The poem on it’s own is remarkably beautiful; add to that the sublime voice of Salar Aghili and you got a hit to send your soul to the highest spheres of the Universe.

However in, “The Ultimate Experience”, this beauty is featured in a modern and interesting remix produced by M.H. Project, who brings Rumi’s timeless beauty  with a contemporary twist for the listeners.

Either way, both versions are deeply enjoyable!

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