Listen to “We Are One” by Florzinho.

Florzinho feat Amroota Natu - We Are One

Few producers have mastered the art of blending traditional Indian music with modern influences so well as Florzinho. As done before, the mastermind of musical gems such as “A la Luna” and “Aman Aman” takes us back in a musical voyage where Indian vibes mix remarkably well in an ethno-lounge cocktail of beats on his latest delivery, charged with a simple yet universally appealing message of unity, “We are One”.

For this latest release, Florzinho has teamed up once more with Indian singer Amroota Natu, a.k.a. the iconic voice of one of his previous tracks of Indian influence, Maha-Amba featured in Buddha Bar XI and now considered one of the big classic of the series. Now once more, their fruitful collaboration has been already selected for yet another inclusion in the Buddha Bar collection for their upcoming 20TH release in charge of Ravin and Sam Popat.

Starting with the smooth vocals of Mr. Natu and the delightful Sitar skills of Chithrinie Nirupama, “We Are One” holds the kind of musical quality that invites the listener to relax and let go, almost effortlessly, yet holding enough personality and rhythm to drive us upbeat along playful vocals, framed by catchy drums that bring a versatile personality to this track.

Along with it, two remixes bring a completely different approach to this track. Under the skilful hands of Oliver Ferdinand and Petko Turner bring a musical reinvention of the original concept, diving into musical influences of dum ‘n bass, while Andrea Soru, a.k.a. Taste of Dream takes us into a more lounge listening experience.

Along the beauty and simplicity of its message, “We are One” not only brings us delightful musical vibes to dive into, but also to reminds us that at the core of Universal truth, what unite us is far greater than what separates us.

“We Are One” is available in Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, DTube, YouTube, Spotify and major digital stores.





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