About: Blissful Beats.

So what’s this about? This site was created with the aim to share gorgeous music (or as I like to call it, ‘blissful’ music) residing in the realms of chill-out, world music, down-tempo, lounge, house and alike sounds. In other words, the kind of music that would be featured in music collections such as Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar, Chall O’Music and its ilk.

Rather than a ‘news’ blog with regular updates on all the latest releases, the aim here is to share selected works of outstanding beauty by artist within the genres listed, as well as occasional reviews and similar material within these genres, coming from some of the best established artists, producers and DJ’s these genres have to offer.

Admin disclaimer: : this blog is single-handedly run by a passionate and deeply devoted music lover, whom also happens to be a full-time working person with an often overloaded schedule, including but not limited to directing two companies and involved in a variety of other activities totally un-related to this music site. Therefore, please excuse moi if in occasions the activity over here seems rather scarce. No, the admin has not suddenly disappeared into a black hole or swallowed by aliens from a far-away sound-sphere, it simply happens to be out there in the real world sorting out sh*t that needs to be sorted out for a living.

MAY 2018 UPDATE: Due to personal circumstances that I (the admin) have to deal with as first priority, this blog will remain idle for the foreseeable future. A re-launch may be considered given a change of circumstances, more likely on a different platform, perhaps a format variation too.

I wish I still had the drive to run and develop this on a regular basis and make it a better site to share amazing music that truly deserves to be promoted and listened to, as I still find that this kind of music needs more platforms to be promoted. However at the moment with a vast array of personal commitments and life-changing circumstances,  I have limited bandwidth to take care of this site and make it what I’d like it to be, a site that people can find musical gems and  that I can truly be proud of. Thus, I look forward to properly re-take this project when having the time an energy to develop it as I’d like it to be.

In the meantime feel free to join the blissful community on Facebook and Instagram. Hope to see you there! 



If you wish to send a comment or some feedback please contact me via the form below.

Please note that due to current circumstances of this site (inactive), music submissions cannot be taken for consideration. Thanks for your comprehension.


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